Tooth extraction is a standard procedure that anyone might need at any time. Generally prevalent among children and teenagers, adults also opt for tooth extraction in Farmington, NM, to relieve the pressure of wisdom teeth.

A general procedure at our clinic, we take utmost care of your teeth while ensuring a painless extraction procedure. With options more than one, we help you retain a pain-free lifestyle without compromising with your smile.

Types Of Teeth Extraction On Offer 

Your local oral surgeon or dentist can remove your teeth with simple intravenous, general, or local anesthesia. If your teeth are visible, the procedure will be straightforward. If the tooth is impacted, below the visible line, or broken, the process will be a little lengthy. 

In case you happen to search for tooth extraction near me, you can avail of two different types of tooth extraction. They are:   

Simple Tooth Extraction

As the name suggests, simple tooth extraction is a simple process where the surgeon will leverage a surgical procedure to remove visible teeth that might be causing the problem. You can leverage these simple tooth extraction for varied reasons, which could be anything from a fractured tooth to a diseased tooth that is beyond repair with root canal treatment or cavity. Many people even opt for this procedure to remove teeth and replace them with dental implants to enhance their smile’s aesthetics.

At Four Corner Dentists, we understand that tooth extraction, even a simple procedure, can be daunting for many. Therefore, we provide our patients with different sedation alternatives to choose from. These options include:

  • Nitrous Oxide: Commonly known as the laughing gas, this sedation is excellent for making you feel relaxed and even a little goofy to ensure you remain unaware of the entire procedure and maybe have a little fun till its effects wear off.
  • General Anesthesia: This is very common sedation popular among most patients. Conventionally, delivered through an IV, general anesthesia will put you to sleep before you know it.
  • Local Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is generally delivered through injection, and while you will not fall asleep, you will also not feel any pain throughout the procedure. 
  • Twilight Anesthesia: Twilight anesthesia is also delivered through an IV. It will make you feel kind of dizzy, further ensuring that you do not experience any pain and remain responsive to nurses and doctors.          

One of the best things about simple tooth extraction is the tooth extraction healing stages, as the recovery process is much faster and easier than the alternatives. This means taking a day or two off from work or school will be enough for you to recover from the pain. 

Surgical Tooth Extraction 

Surgical tooth extraction is more complex time taking than a simple tooth extraction. At Four Corner Dentists, we take complete measures to ensure that this tooth extraction procedure is the last resort. 

People generally need a surgical tooth extraction for many varied reasons, but some of the most prevalent reasons include:

  • Genetic Complications: There have been many instances where a patient had more than twenty-eight teeth in addition to the wisdom teeth due to some flaw in their genetics. 
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth can be very troubling for anyone, but things can worsen even further if the tooth is impacted. In such cases, the tooth will not grow appropriately, ultimately causing excruciating pain and agony to the patients.
  • Unerupted Teeth: Unerrupted teeth generally remain dormant and do not cause problems. However, at times one might need to undergo an oral procedure such as getting braces, in which case it becomes essential to extract the unerupted teeth.      

What Is The Cost Of Teeth Extraction?

The tooth extraction cost generally depends on many factors. In general, the cost of simple teeth extractions can be anything between $75-200 for every tooth you extract. However, that price can even increase or decrease depending on the type of anesthesia you choose for the procedure.

The cost of surgical teeth extraction can be much higher than that, but again, if your tooth is impacted, the cost will be on the higher side – somewhere between $800-1400. The price can also vary depending on the place where you live.