Appropriate periodontal care is not an option; these generally start as minor complications that can cause severe damage if left untreated. We bring you premier services at Four Corner Dentists at our periodontal care center.    

Our expert dentists offer customized treatment to individual patients, incorporating the latest technology in dentistry. We bring you a seamless treatment experience in as little as two appointments. 

Types Of Periodontal Treatment We Offer  

The approach towards periodontal treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition. Therefore, one must first consult a reliable periodontist for periodontal treatment in Farmington, NM, to determine the best treatment approach. 

Non-Surgical Treatments For Periodontal Disease

Non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease marks moderate issues that can be fixed without surgery. Common non-surgical periodontal treatments we specialize in include:

  • Root Planing And Scaling: An effective treatment for moderate periodontitis, scaling, and root planing denotes deep cleaning. Carried out using sharp dental tools, this treatment is effective over areas deep below the teeth’ gum line and root surfaces. This way, our root planing, and scaling treatment help our professionals clean up the tar and prevent bacteria plaque or infection. 
  • Dental Crown Lengthening: The crown lengthening process helps correct inflamed or swollen gum tissue. This minor oral surgery helps elevate your smile and reshape excess gum tissue. 

Surgical Treatments For Periodontal Disease

Surgical treatments are your last option for dealing with severe dental problems. At Four Corners, we provide you with effective results with our services. Our experts end your search query for “surgical periodontal treatment near me.” Some of the prevalent approaches include:

  • Regeneration: A prominent surgical periodontal treatment, regeneration is performed when the tissue and bone responsible for supporting the teeth have suffered damage caused by gum deterioration. 

This regeneration procedure restores the worn-out areas and heals the oral complication by folding the gum tissue. This way, our experts remove any instances of plaque, bacteria, and tartar from your oral cavity, leaving behind a healthy, confident smile.   

  • Pocket Depth Reduction: Periodontal disease can damage the tissues and bones, opening up spaces referred to as pockets. These pockets can grow in size if left untreated for long, making iter for the bacteria to cause some e damage, ultimately resulting in tooth fall. 

Our pocket depth reduction or flap surgery experts restore your smile by removing the damaged tissue. Once the area is cleaned and sewed back, healthy tissue begins to form, allowing the gums to reattach to the teeth in a healthy manner.    

  • Soft Tissue Graft: Gingival recession or gum recession causes the gums to recede, ultimately relieving the roots. With the soft tissue graft, our oral experts help you replace tissue from any other part of the mouth and patch it with the gums. At the end of this lengthy procedure, you can expect protected gum and roots restored to normal.    

Which Periodontal Treatment Is Right For You?

Different individuals have different periodontal conditions, making it challenging to recommend an ideal approach without thorough examination. Therefore, it is recommended you start searching for “periodontal care near me” and consult a reliable periodontist to determine the treatment that will be ideal for you. Also, make sure to discuss the periodontal treatment cost before finalizing any particular dental clinic