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We facilitate comfortable denture dental services for partial and complete dentures. Our skilled team implants secure dentures that fit well within your gum line. In addition, our experts will examine your current dental situation and propose the proper treatment for you.

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What to expect from our denture dental specialists

Partial Dentures

In most situations, partial dentures are removable, unlike complete dentures attached to the gums or held in place with an implant. These dentures consist of an acrylic bridge and a metal framework to wrap over the adjacent teeth and secure the denture.

These dentures are typically utilized when the gums and remaining teeth are in good condition, but a few teeth or teeth on the lower or upper jaw are missing. Therefore, open your search tab, browse for an affordable denture near me, and visit us to receive a partial denture cost reduction.

Complete Dentures

The bottom and top plates of these dentures are made in various ways. If a person has a few remaining teeth but not enough to speak or eat comfortably, the remaining teeth are pulled to make room for complete dentures.

This type of dental denture has two plates that fit correctly and leave sufficient space for the tongue to move freely.

Implant-Based Dentures

For individuals with conventional dentures, we provide a novel replacement. With our implant-supported dentures, our team of highly skilled specialists has utilized an imaginative strategy to solve multiple difficulties at once. As a result, implant-supported dentures are comparable to the dental implants that we provide.

Using this specific type of denture will make the prosthesis feel more natural, similar to our real teeth. Therefore, if you do not want to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning your dentures frequently, we recommend that you choose this alternative and obtain unrivaled results.

Removable Dentures

There is sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis that people regularly get their implant-supported and removable dentures confused. Implant-supported dentures can’t be altered in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, the urge to make this commitment can frequently be too much for individuals.

However, for the rest of our lives, we will require our teeth to chew our food, talk well, and more. On the contrary, when a person has dentures supported by implants, they do not have to worry about anything bothering with their sense of taste. As a result, we suggest that you investigate the advantages and disadvantages of both choices, or you can get in touch with our dental experts for guidance.

Denture Cleaning

Visit Four Corners Family Dentistry to avoid cavities in remaining natural teeth, safeguard gum health, and maintain dentures. In addition, our professionals can help you clean dentures and maintain proper dental hygiene.

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