Regular flossing and brushing are a must to keep your smile healthy, avoiding which can lead you to suffer from inflammation and gum disease. Proper dental cleaning requires more than just brushing and flossing; it needs you to schedule an appropriate visit with your dentist at regular intervals! 

Professional teeth cleaning in Farmington, NM is straightforward and helpful – it clears away the accumulated plaque and tartar from your teeth to restore your oral health. At Four Corners Dental, we bring you competent dentistry services which you can rely on  

Types Of Teeth Cleaning Services Offered By Us

Dental teeth cleaning is a step that begins at home; there are certain things you can do to keep up your dental health. With an expert dentist overlooking the procedure, you can easily make the most of these services with us at Four Corner Dental. 

  • Scaling And Root Planing: A prevalent non-surgical approach, scaling and root planing mark the use of dental tools that can reach out to the areas deep below your gum. This moderate approach helps our dental experts clean your teeth, reach out to the gums, remove all tar, and preventing bacterial infection in the gum. 
  • Prophylaxis Cleaning: Prophylaxis cleaning procedure is another moderate cleaning service that involves using specific dental tools to reach out the depth of your mouth. This prominent method of teeth cleaning in Farmington is simple and targets decaying teeth and cavities, removing any chances of stains and plaque in your oral cavity. 
  • Gross Debridement: Gross debridement is a deep cleaning procedure that involves using specialized dental tools to remove any amount of tartar or plaque built up around the gums and between the teeth. At Four Corners dental, our dental surgeons specialize in ensuring your good oral health via gross debridement. 

Why Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned? 

This goes without saying, like every other part of your body, even your teeth and mouth, requires maintenance every once in a while. This is more important for anyone suffering from any severe oral health complication. 

Teeth cleaning is not a choice, but it is more like a necessity. Failing to keep your teeth clean is the primary reason linked to several dental problems, which are anything but pleasant. However, some of the primary reasons you need to pay for that teeth cleaning cost every once in a while include:   

  • It protects your teeth’ roots.
  • It eliminates gum disease and bad breath that comes with it.
  • It cleans places your brush cannot reach, like below and above your gum line.
  • It promotes good oral care and treats any potential infections.
  • It stops the advancement of gum disease.
  • It prevents the weakening of your teeth’ bones, saving you from tooth loss.