Dental fillings repair any worn-out, broken, or cracked teeth. It is made of a single or combination of various materials like plastic or metal to restore or correct one’s tooth. It is generally used to cover up any decay removed by your dentist, especially a cavity. 

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Types Of Dental Fillings

Our dental experts offer a wide range of dental fillings to our patients. Be it gold, silver amalgams, or ceramics – we offer all of them at affordable rates. Here are the dental filling types available at our Farmington dental facility –

  • Cast Gold Fillings

Gold cast fillings are made of solid metal and are aesthetically pleasing for some patients. We use these gold fillings for patients with stronger chewing force. It requires almost two visits to our dental clinic to have them installed. With a shelf life of up to 10-15 years, these dental fillings are durable in their nature. 

  • Silver Fillings Or Amalgams

Silver fillings or amalgams are among the most popular options among our patients. They are made of silver and a tiny amount of mercury and are incredibly long-lasting. Our doctors prefer using silver fillings for those who opt for cheaper fillings. They will remove a significant part of your teeth along with the decayed part to fit in the silver amalgams.

  • Tooth-colored Composites

Tooth-colored composites are usually used for front and visible tooth filling because of their natural look. Our doctors use micro-mechanic methods to bond the composites to your teeth. A small part and your decayed part will be removed to accommodate the tooth-colored composites. This dental fillings procedure takes just one visit to our chamber. However, if you opt for inlays, you will be required to visit two or three times. 

The tooth-colored composites are very versatile. Our dentists will use them if you need to cover up worn-out, broken, and chipped teeth. They will provide good support to these broken teeth. 

  • Ceramics

We use ceramics for those who wish to have a stain-resistant filling. They are made of porcelain and last for almost 15 years.

Our dentist will first remove the decaying part of your teeth. They will slightly scale down the surrounding areas and place your ceramic filling. Some dentists also use a special bonding light to harden the material for a few seconds. Any rough edges or dents will be polished to give you a well-protected tooth.

  • Glass Ionomer

Our dentists usually use glass ionomer for young children or if the filling is to be done below the gum line. These dental fillings are made of a unique glass material along with acrylic. It protects your gum line and your child’s tooth from further decay. Our dental clinic has procured a new type of glass ionomer almost as durable as composite fillings. 

  • Temporary Fillings 

We use temporary fillings under exceptional circumstances, like if you have just gotten a root canal if your nerve needs time to calm down, or a dental emergency. 

Temporary fillings are also used when you opt for gold fillings and indirect fillings. It ensures your teeth remain protected between your first and second visit of getting the types mentioned above of fillings. If you have been given temporary fillers, we will call you back in a month or two to replace them with a permanent one. 

  • Indirect Fillings

Last comes indirect fillings. These are similar to tooth-colored composites and require two visits to our clinic for implementation. Our dentists will use indirect fillings when you do not have enough tooth structure to support your permanent filling or are not so damaged that it needs a crown.

We offer two kinds of indirect fillings at our clinic – Inlays and Onlays. Inlays are meant for just one cusp, while Onlays cover more than one. 

Which Dental Filling To Choose?

The kind of dental fillings you choose will depend on your needs. For example, if you are looking for a cheaper option, we suggest getting silver amalgam fillings. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about the filling blending in with your natural teeth, we recommend getting a tooth-colored composite.

The best way to determine which dental filling is suitable for you is by consulting our dentists. So call our clinic and book an appointment today to discuss dental fillings cost, procedure, and more!