If you have a chipped, broken, or discolored tooth, you need to get dental crowns to cover them up. Dental crowns are caps fitted on a broken or decayed tooth to minimize sensitivity and protect it from further damage.

Our services at Dental crowns Farmington are offered at affordable rates. To help you get a better idea, here’s an overview of our services – the dental crown treatment and the types of crowns we have at our facility.

Types Of Dental Crowns 

We cater to every demand of our patients – be it gold or porcelain dental crowns, we have it all at our clinic. We also ensure that the cost of the dental crown remains affordable to facilitate everyone’s needs. Here are the different types of crowns you can choose from –

  • All Porcelain Crowns

The first most popular crowns at our clinic are the all-porcelain crowns. These are preferably the first to pop up when patients query the internet for ‘dental crowns near me.’ When patients prefer something that blends entirely with their natural teeth, we suggest going for this crown. 

They are best suited for front teeth restorations and being biocompatible; they are the best option for those with metal allergies. 

  • Zirconia Crowns 

Zirconia crowns are custom-fit dental crowns where our dentists take your teeth impression then cut and shape the zirconia crown right in front of you.  At Four Corner Dentists, we bring you two types of zirconia crowns – layered zirconia and highly translucent zirconia crowns. 

  • Porcelain Fused With Metal Crowns

Porcelain fused with a metal crown is a popular option. Our dentists recommend porcelain fused with a metal crown for our patient’s front and back teeth. Its natural color allows it to blend with your other teeth. 

  • Metal-alloy Crowns 

Next comes metal crowns. These are made with chromium, nickel, palladium, and gold materials. The metal crowns are placed on out-of-sight molars as they can withstand heavy chewing and biting. 

  • Temporary Crowns

For those who choose our two-day service, temporary crowns are a must. These crowns are not made to fit and are only meant to protect your teeth while your permanent crown is made. Our dentist will clear away the decayed part of your teeth or perform a root canal surgery before placing the temporary crown.

  • 3/4th or Onlay Crowns

3/4th or Onlay crowns are half-crowns that do not cover the underlying tooth. This crown is used when the top part of your tooth is damaged, but the tooth structure is solid. Our dentist will remove the decayed part of your teeth, reshape the remaining part, and place the 3/4th crown on it. 

Dental Crown Treatment At Our Clinic

Our dentists will provide a dental crown in either one sitting or two. If you wish to get a one-day crown –

  • One-day service: Our dentists offer a one-day service where your examination, prepping, and fitting happens all in one day. We primarily use zirconia crowns for this service.
  • Two-day service: Our two-day service comprises two appointments. Your teeth will be cleaned first, and impressions are taken for a permanent crown. A temporary crown will be installed for the time being. Our dentist will fit the permanent crown on the second visit.  

What To Choose – Crown or Bridge?

Dental crowns and bridges have similar motives, i.e., to cover your damaged teeth. A bridge covers an entire missing tooth, while a crown just covers up a part of the tooth that has been damaged or broken. 

We recommend dental crowns for those who have cavities that are too large to be filled with fillings, have got a root canal treatment, have worn down or cracked teeth, or have discolored or misshapen teeth. 

On the other hand, if you need to bridge the gap between your teeth, a dental bridge is the correct option. The bridge can be placed on your implants or your natural teeth. So if you have one or more missing teeth, our dentists will suggest getting bridges over crowns. 

Both services are available at our Farmington dental facility. Get an initial consultation with our dentist, who will make a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. Then they will suggest the most suitable option for you among crowns and bridges.